Family Owned and Operated
362 East Lacey Rd
Forked River, NJ 08731


Your boat will be serviced by Carmen and his crew.  Carmen is a fully certified mechanic with 25+ years of experience repairing boats.  Carmen personally performs or supervises all work done in the marina.
                                    Service Yard Rates
                     Service Yard Rates
                                                    Service                                            Rate
                                        Hourly Labor Rate                               $115.00   
                                        Short Haul                                              $7.00/ft
                                        Launch from trailer                              $3.00/ft
                                        Haul/Block/Launch                            $9.00/ft
                                        Emergency Haul                                 $17.00/ft
                                        Pressure Wash                                    $4.00/ft

Bottom Painting (labor only)
Size                                      Price per foot
 Up to 37 ft                                         $11.00
38' and above $13.00

Scrape, prepare, prime, & paint outdrive
           includes materials                                                   $125.00
Touch up outboard lower unit
          includes materials                                                     $60.00

Cosmetic Maintenance
    Wash and wax hull and topsides     
                              Size                               Price per foot
         Up to 25 foot                                  $15.00
                                                        26-42 ft                                           $17.00

    Wash and wax hull only          
                                Size                              Price per foot
                                                         Up to 25 ft                                   $9.00
                                                         25-42 ft                                       $11.00

    Wash and wax topsides only    
                                            Size                              Price per foot    
                                            Up to 25 ft                                     $9.00
                                            25-42 ft                                          $12.00

      For compounding add $3.00 per foot
     General wash $2.00 per foot

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